Sock Monkey Mayhem

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1.Cut a long piece of fabric long to wrap around your monkey.

2.Cut holes for the arms.

3.Turn wrong side and pin and sew the place where the back fits snugly.Then, turn right side.

4.Cut two strips of fabric for the sleeves

5.Fold the sleeves in half and sew.

6.Turn right side and sew over the shirt holes.


1. Place a fabric square on your sock monkey's lap.

2.Round the bottom into a half circle using scissors.

3.Cut two eight inch strips of fabric  for the straps.

4.Sew straps to the corners of the apron.

5.Decorate and tie around your sock monkey's waist.


1.Cut two large squares of fabric large enough to fit around your monkey's waist.

2.Cut a line down the middle up to the monkey's waist. This is the legs.

3.Turn wrong side out and sew the sides and leg slits.

4.Turn right side and press.

5.Put on your monkey and cut a tail hole.

                                                           Felt   Omelets

1.Fold a piece of yellow felt in half and sew. It should be asymmetrical.

2.Cut little pieces of fabric for toppings. For example, cut pink fabric pieces for ham, green ones for parsley, orange ones for cheese, brown ones for turkey or chicken, etc.

3.Sew onto the front of the omelet.

4.Serve to your sock monkey!