Sock Monkey Mayhem

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 Sock Monkey Mayhem began as a way for sock monkey fans to get free clothes patterns for their sock monkeys. Eventually, Tina wanted more and pictures of herself and her family to show how she lives. Now, Sock Monkey Mayhem is a community for sock monkey fans.
Tina, founder of Sock Monkey Mayhem. Tina is the mother of Timmy, Fido, and Sammy. She enjoys cooking and baking. Tiana, her sister, likes to help her with the website when she isn't busy with her farm. Tina is an advocate for sock monkey rights and donates to the "Glove Dog Foundation" for safer sock monkey pets.
Timmy is the son of Tina. He runs the Sock News and responds to emails. Timmy is the second youngest member of the team. Cha Cha is the youngest.

Tiana is Tina's sister and co-founder of Sock Monkey Mayhem. She is usually very busy with her animal farm which is her greatest passion.

From Left to Right: Mr. Alex Alpaca, Baby Cha Cha, and Mrs. Ava Alpaca.

Alex Alpaca is the website's accountant. He is usually never seen without his top hat and tie. He graduated from Harvard as the first stuffed animal to get an accounting degree  and is highly esteemed. Later, he settled down with his wife Ava and Cha Cha was born.

Cha Cha Alpaca is the youngest member of the Sock Monkey Mayhem team. She loves to dance around with her little pink bow. Cha Cha helps around the website doing various odd jobs. She is currently Sammy's intern, an accomplishment her parents are proud of.

Ava Alpaca is a direct descendant of Luis Alpaca. Luis was the first alpaca to warn the alpacas of the coming Spanish Conquistadors to Peru. To this day, she still wears his emerald necklace he mined from the Cazu Mine in Peru. Her blue bow tie is her signature look. She likes to spend Alex's money on beautiful Peruvian jewelry. She has a very strong mothering instinct which has made her the self-proclaimed therapist of the website's team.

Fido is Tina's pet Glove Dog. His breed is the rare "Blue Rose" breed that comes from a mutation. Tina rescued him from the Glove Pound and he has been loved ever since. Fido supervises the website and makes sure it's running smoothly.

Sammy is the sock cat of Tina's he is the oldest member of the team. Sammy is the secretary and he does the most work. Sammy makes calls, keeps records, assists the others, and used to be the accountant until Mr. Alpaca was hired. Sammy's blue fez is his most prized possession. He enjoys eating tuna and drinking creamy coffee while helping his friends.